I Attempt To Let Sleeping Dogs Lie . . . LOL & LOL

This morning I was lying awake in bed at 5:16 (digital clock) thinking I’d like to get up but I didn’t dare wake the dog . . . I can’t even believe I referred to Warren Beatty as A Dog.  Anyway. I was lying there thinking “What the heck, I’m awake, why don’t I go into my office and get crackin’ at my blog, my emails, the screenplay” but then realized there was a good chance I’d wake Warren Beatty who would then moan and groan and wake Daddy (Honey Bunny, the husband) and make him get up and feed him and then the morning routine would be started.  The sweet quiet and peace would be rent asunder, Honey Bunny the worse for wear with Warren Beatty now Ready-To-Be-Walked. 

So okay, I admit that I then crept out of bed like a cat burglar and slithered into my clothes in the dark while Warren Beatty made little dreaming-in-his-sleep noises.  I wasn’t able to actually get my slippers because they were in the closet which would involve door opening sounds, light clicking on sounds.  I eased the bedroom door open and shut as quiet as a grave. I tiptoed down the hall and carefully shut the door to my office.

Then I suddenly had a Laugh Out Loud moment thinking about an adult woman Trying Not To Wake THE DOG, “Don’t wake the dog for God’s sake, there’ll be hell to pay!” and thought about you, my faithful readers, all both of you J and wondered if you ever crept around your dog, cat, hamster, goldfish, toucan trying not to rouse, wake, irritate them and surrender the rest or part of your morning/life to them.


Right after I typed that question mark there was a sniffing, sniffing at my chamber door and no, it was not a raven, it was the pup, awake and up.  This accounts for the second LOL above . . . for Lots O’ Luck trying to put anything over on a small black Schnauzer/Terrier-ist in the morning. 

Or any other time.



One Response

  1. Absolutely, I have crept in hopes (and prayers) to steal away silent-alone-time without “Life” calling for my attention. Truly, this creeping scenario is comedic (one would rather have cold feet than risk those precious sanctuary moments). I’ve crept by sleeping babies, dogs, cats, father-in-law, mother, husband, friends… Note: hamsters, goldfish, and birds didn’t give a flip. Creep on! xoxoxo

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