My Book

Arriving in Paris one Spring, in the midst of many life changes and questions, Susan Browning is given a letter of introduction to Gabrielle LaCroix, an older, elegant and witty French woman.  As Spring turns to Summer their acquaintance deepens into a most meaningful friendship.

Excerpt from the introduction . . .

“Looking back now, I believe the two of us were fated to meet.

A day rarely passes when Gabrielle doesn’t come to mind – some wise or witty remark she made, her graceful manner, the warmth of her infectious laughter as she showed me around Paris, City of Light. For me she remains a guiding angel, oracle, and mentor, her life an example in the art of living – and loving – well.

From her I learned that kindness and graciousness are the foundation of true elegance and style, the honest expression of the best in us. And with her guidance, the transformation from Susan to Suzanne took place in my spirit as well as my mirror.

Here then are the French lessons ma chère Gabrielle taught me.”

To receive a sample chapter of French Lessons, email E.J. at


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