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A Texas girl whose mother had her first cowboy boots bronzed ~ life coach who learns much from her clients ~ world traveler/admirer & registered Francophile, but oh how I adore Italy ~ voracious reader ~ ever a beginner in the ways of zen ~ wife of Honey-Bunny ~ lover of great food, music, art ~ Mother/Servant of Warren Beatty, miniature schnauzer and Zen-master-of-love ~ babyboomerette ~ author, French Lessons, The Art of Living and Loving Well ~ singer and dancer ~ lover of cocktails, Champagne, stimulating conversation and laughter ~ devout girlfriend to Lisa, Heather, Annabelle, Judy, Barb, Nancy and all you others who light my life  ~ political Activist ~ ex-talk show host, restaurateur, flight attendant  ~ a spiritual seeker forever loving the journey, The Way is in the Heart, said the Buddha, and that in a nutshell is exactly what I believe.

Honey Bunny and me                                Warren Beatty Zen-Master-of-Love


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  1. Good to see you again! I am enjoying your website. One of my good friends has moved to Paris so I am visiting her as often as possible. Let me know next time you go and I will give you her info. She is also a former EAL FA.
    Happy Holidays!

    Mary Faircloth

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