‘Ecoute ton Coeur!

This morning I was thinking about how to return to this blog, having not written since April 2012.  I made a couple of unsatisfactory starts, then looked up at the framed card a dear friend sent me years ago.

It says ‘Ecoute ton Coeur! Listen to your heart.

And so my heart wants me to tell you some of what’s happened in the past eighteen months – and what I’ve learned from it.

My first book was published – French Lessons, The Art of Living and Loving Well.  It’s an inspirational tale of an American woman in Paris.  I wrote it to remind myself and other women of what to love about ourselves – and as I’d so hoped, my readers are telling me that get something from it – in many different ways, I find.  What a joy to know that!

Two darling friends and I went to Paris, something we dreamed up a couple of years ago sitting over mint margueritas.  We spent two weeks on the left bank and had the time of our lives – enjoying The City of Light intensely and at times laughing until we cried.

My writing partner and I finished our first movie script.  And let me tell you that writing a decent script – and this one is actually pretty damn good – is hard, and rewarding work. We don’t know what will happen with it – but wow!  We wrote a movie!

From these experiences I learned that living your dreams, making the things you imagine into reality, yields more joy that we ever imagine it will.

But here is the most important thing that happened, the most important thing I learned.

My precious mother passed away on February 8th.  She who was the constant of my life since it began is gone.  And not gone at all.

Mother gave me the three most important gifts you can bestow on a child – a belief that I was loved, a belief in the spiritual and the belief that I could accomplish anything, make any dream come true.

She taught me how to love as well as be loved; how to read; how to dance; how to rise like a phoenix above heartbreak.

And in her leaving Mother taught me one last thing – that true love is indestructible, it is ever alive, ever shining – a bond that cannot be broken.

I was reminded of unbreakable bonds again when my sweet second father followed her two months later.

So, including this morning’s, here are the lessons of the past few months –

Listen to your heart.

Live your dreams.

Love lives on.  Forever.


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  1. Oh, Congratulations dear E.J. and creating and celebrating Life! You certainly do listen to your heart, live your dreams, and practice Love living on!! I am so thankful that your mother infused the knowing that you are loved… and you are!

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