Life Coaching

As a credentialed coach, in professional practice since 2002, I know that when we are put in touch with the power, resourcefulness and creativity that is the core of our true self,  we can meet any goal or challenge  . . .  and that when we master a challenge in one area of our life, we are positively empowered in all areas.

To put my clients in touch with the power they already possess, I provide the tools and strategies to help them attain what they want, and eliminate what they don’t.  I also act as a support system as they move forward.  A client once called me “the hand in the small of my back.”

When our work together is complete, each person uses what they’ve learned and created from our coaching to self-coach and empower themselves for the rest of their lives.

I am the partner, ally and champion of people who have decided that they are no longer satisfied with What’s Now in their lives and are ready to attain What’s NEXT!

Together, we EXPECT TO EXCEED!

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  1. So clear & so true, perfection.

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