What is zenmindfrenchmind?

It’s whatever it is (Zen) and whatever you make it (French.)

This is a place for anyone who has (or desires) a spiritual practice but also embraces the temporal side of life.  Yes, we’re on a spiritual journey, it’s what our life is based on, but we are still thrilled when we find a pair of jeans that actually fits or pumps that make us feel runway ready.  

Et oui, besides all that we just have a thing for things français.

Our hearts open like flowers to the words of The Buddha, Karen Maezen Miller, Pema Chodron. Our eyes smile at sight of the Eiffel Tour.  We know in our souls we are HOME as we sit zazen in the silent, half dark hours of the morning . . . and feel home in a different way sitting in a tiny cafe in Saint Germaine Des Pres (transported there via body or mind.)   

We are in the world and loving it, because what else can we do, with the gift of this world, this life, this moment, but be thankful for it and embrace it?

And yet we know there is Else, there is More, there is something Other and Not Other and All Other, that gives our lives a depth of meaning and heart that we would be empty without.

Welcome to zenmindfrenchmind . . .


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