Love Comes To Town

I was sitting in meditation this morning when Warren Beatty (my miniature schnauzer/owner) came bounding joyfully into the room.  He jumped up onto the cushion beside me, stretching this way and that and doggie smiling up at me and he took me right away from where I was going to, to where I already was.  And I looked down and smiled back at him and thought of the title of that old Talking Heads song, “Love Comes To Town.” 

And I thought too, of how often love does come to town, walks into the room, skips in and through it, or brushes past us barely touching us in all its costumes and characters – and of how we miss it. Or dismiss it.  The child or pet or favorite person who interrupts us on the phone or with a touch; the winter poppies shining up at us as we hurry past their field; the cashier in the gas station who says, “No worries honey, it all spends the same,” as he counts through my pile of quarters when I’ve lost my wallet; the phone call later from the woman who finds the wallet; the cup of tea or cookie or hug our beloved bestows on us as we turn back toward the computer because we have more important things to attend to.  I could write a hundred, a thousand more disguises that love arrives in and so could you.

Love comes to town anyway.  All day, every day.  Love is on its own sweet schedule.  It is stubborn and tireless and if you give it an inch, it’ll take a mile.

So.  Sometimes, don’t let it go unnoticed.  Turn back around and look it right in the eye.  If you do this, you can stop love right in its tracks.  And make it last as long as you want it to.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it.


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  1. Indeed, Indeed. Love is so generous, playful, and full with grace. And those of us with precious kids of fur or not, are graced to be reminded of LOVE all the time. Thanks for sharing Beatty and Your Love. Because both are so BRIGHT and TRUE, I receive without requiring your physical presence… true love. xoxoxo

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