Stay. Sit.  That is what I tell my mind this early foggy California morning as I sit zazen before the long window in my office.  Some of the great masters of meditation have rightly called the continual singsong of our minds, Monkey Mind.  I call mine Puppy Mind, tugging and wanting to run in any direction but those of silence and breath.  And today I am also contending with a very insistent Muse. 

Puppy:  Hey, hey is it time to stop yet?   Hey, there’s a lotta stuff I gotta do.  Hey, look at that bird over there.  Look at the color of that hanging thing in the window.  What is that thing?  Hey, pet me!  Let’s play!

Muse: Ignore the dog, Darling, you have more important things to attend to, i mean just listen to these fabulous ideas!  I know how stubborn you are about these twenty minutes but I must tell you that twenty minutes is a lifetime, my dear, an entire lifetime to a muse.   Really just give your attention to these words, they might fly away at any second.  Uh, what’s that?  Is that a pad of paper over on your desk?  How handy!  Why don’t you just reach over and . . . what?  You won’t?  Even if this is the best idea ever?


2 Responses

  1. The Puppy/Muse combine forces. Stay – Sit – Breathe – Be. I love that you honored, obeyed, and trusted the “be”. Helps my own altitude awareness. =)

  2. I share a similar cacophony of need to dos and what about thats. Oh but when I do give myself the time to just be and breath and meditate it feels sooo good.

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