Home to the happiness . . .

Brimming with gratitude, fortified with a decadent breakfast of pecan pie, I start to count my many blessings . . . beginning with the bouquet of golden lilies, red roses and bright purple statice on the desk beside me,a gift from Honey Bunny with whom I celebrate our twelfth Thanksgiving today. 

My reverie is interrupted as the zen-master-of-love Beatty, miniature schnauzer, bounds into the room, fresh from the dog park and I hear HB’s voice calling,“Babe,we’re home!”  And I realize I don’t need to count my blessings, just be aware of them, only be at home to them when they arrive.

 May we all be at home to the happiness that knocks at our door, every day of our lives.

 May we all be aware our blessings.


2 Responses

  1. I smile. Blessings ~ “be aware of them, be at home to them when they arrive”. Truly the happiest place in which to be and to rest. Nicely done, EJ! xoxox

  2. Shared Thanksgiving dinner at the home of our English friends Marian & Brian who decided to embrace the holiday fully and ordered a wild turkey from New York. It was the first turkey they had ever cooked and it was delicious! They added a very English touch of Yorkshire pudding to round out the flavors and what a treat that was. I am touched so by their warmth and deep friendship and counting our many blessings.

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