Elegance is refusal.   Coco Chanel, 1945

Elegance is refusal.  The Buddha, not in those exact words, about 400 B.C.

Coco meant the elegance of Less is More in the wordly sense – to refuse the second croissant, second (or third) glass of champagne, the over-the-top outfit that takes fashion into fashion victimhood.

The Buddha refused the ways of the world, literally lost the world as he sat beneath the bodhi tree and found enlightenment.  Now that is elegance.


3 Responses

  1. Elegance is refusal.

    What appears to be a simple quotation is a stone tossed into the pond inspiring ripples of question and thought. What does this really mean…for me? In me? A still yet moving meditation with heightened depths. I’m stretched across but from the center. Thank you for the pebble. ~~~~~~

  2. Gorgeous!!!!!!

  3. A common understanding by both cultures of simplicity and what is most important/

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