The French 75, a festive cocktail for holidays or any day!

This one is a classic, the sort of drink one could sip while wearing a smart little cocktail hat, which women once enjoyed putting on when going out for an evening.  (I hear those hats are coming back and hope they do.) However I can vouch that one can wear whatever while imbibing it and feel a cocktail hat perched above the brow.  Men love this drink too but, unfortunately, do not seem to achieve the cocktail-hat-effect. 

 A bit of history . . . this drink’s origins are Paris, the 1930’s and it was famously named after the French-made 75 Howitzer Cannon, a WWI powerhouse that “packed a wallop” back then.  Still does. 

You’ll need –

Gin or Vodka; St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur; Champagne

Lime, Mint

Then you simply-

Blend or shake a jigger of gin (or vodka) with a jigger to a jigger & a ½ of elderflower

Mull mint or add a generous sprig of mint to a short cocktail glass

Add ice

Add a “splash” (to taste) of champagne and mix

Squeeze of lime and add slice

 Enjoy . . . and feel that cocktail hat!



2 Responses

  1. Oh you classy chick, you. I’ll meet you at the back of my truck for a shot of Tequila… you’ll recognize me by the only hat I ever wear: a halo. (by all means, laugh) xoxoxo

  2. The most delicious cocktail on earth, I am sure of it. The best way I know to get a party started… there’s something spiritual about this combination of spirits. They truly lift you to another realm.

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